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Sample Menu Ideas


Mushroom stuffed chicken with spiced potatoes and green beans

Chicken with lemon and olives and green pea rice

Chicken curry, mixed vegetable masala and cranberry chutney

Spicy chicken fried rice with peanuts

Chicken cacciatore, wild mushroom risotto, and green beans with toasted pinenuts

Parmesan chicken palliards with cherry tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach

Chicken Georgia, sausage herb stuffing and asparagus with feta and oregano

Chicken butternut tagine, haricots verts with warm bacon vinaigrette and brown rice

Apricot lemon chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and soft polenta with wild mushroom saute


Halibut with caper salsa verde and asiago roasted fennel

Jerk-rubbed catfish with spicy cilantro slaw and anasazi beans

Roasted shrimp with orzo and dill

Tuna steaks with wasabi ginger sauce, roasted asparagus, white bean and red pepper salad

Broiled tilapia with tomato-caper salsa, edamame succotash and two-potato pancakes

Pan seared snapper with fennel olive topping, zucchini gratin and honey roasted root veggies

Baked grouper with chunky tomato sauce, sichuan green beans, fried rice with pecans and ginger

Chili garlic salmon, minted sugar snap peas, brown rice with balsamic and tarragon


Pulled bbq pork, snow pea and avocado slaw, zippy black beans

Pork tenderloin with ginger soy sauce, collard greens, oven roasted french fries

BBQ ribs, corn and summer veggie sautee

Pork loin with fennel bread pudding, cranberry/apple/walnut relish

Fruit and walnut stuffed pork loin, cider glazed carrots

Roasted pork loin with roasted garlic vinaigrette and roasted cauliflower, chickpeas and olives

Balsamic roast pork, kale with sweet potatoes and pecans

Maple-mustard pork chops with winter squash puree

Bacon and butternut pasta

Bread 'em and bake 'em pork chops, potatoes au gratin, butternut squash puree


Italian meat loaf, mac n cheese, slow roasted tomatoes

Beef carnitas, garbanzo bean and zucchini salad

Beef tenderloin with cherry tomatoes, apple-walnut stuffed sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli

Thai Sloppy joes, basmati rice, spiced cabbage

Maple and soy glazed London Broil, potatoes au gratin, sautéed broccoli rabe

Braised short ribs, carrots and egg noodles

Beef Rendang over basmati rice with sweet potato hash


Curried vegetable samosas with cilantro-mint chutney

Steamed veggie sui-mai dumplings with chili-sesame oil

Black-eyed pea cakes with collard greens

Gyoza with soy citrus sauce

Butternut squash lasagna

Chickpea and cauliflower curry

Black bean burgers with mango salsa

Spinach and sun dried tomato pasta sauce

Tart and tangy bulgar salad

Chick peas with broccoli rabe

Barley, butternut squash and shitake risotto

Lentil-barley burgers with fiery fruit salsa

Mushroom, cheese and vegetable strudel with garlicky mashed sweet potatoes

Artichoke and green olive souffle

Blush tomato sauce with pasta

Herbed tofu cakes

Rigatoni with vegetable bolognese

Ravioli with balsamic brown butter

Mediterranean frittata

Seasoned tofu steaks

Veggie stir fry with ginger sauce and whole wheat pasta

Black bean cakes with salsa

Cheese enchilada casserole

Garden veggie burrito

Soups and Stews

Irish beef stew

Very veggie chili con queso

Chick pea and winter veggie stew


Lentil edamame stew

Frogmore stew

Paella valencia

Southwestern chicken and white bean soup

Creamy black bean soup

Chili-spiced chicken soup with peppers and avocado relish

Vegetable and spicy sausage soup

Tofu carrot soup

Basil, beef and barley soup

Tomato basil bisque

Bean with ham soup

Shrimp and asparagus bisque

Chicken noodle soup

Turkey and rice soup

Sweet and sour cabbage soup

Vegetable soup

Sausage tortellini soup


White bean salad with shrimp and asparagus

Arugula, white bean and roasted red pepper salad

Poached pear and greens salad

Tomato feta salad

Green salad with oranges and red onion

Pork tenderloin, pear and cranberry salad

Red leaf salad with honey vinaigrette

Mediterranean couscous salad

Caesar salad